The meaning of the 25th of March celebrations?

greek25thof march

In Greek the 25th March is a double celebration and holiday. The day has historical and religious origins. Greeks around the world celebrate the War of Independence against the Ottoman Empire.

The War of Independence also known as the Greek Revolution or in Greek Ελληνική Επανάσταση was waged between 1821 and lasted until the 1830’s. Greeks around the world celebrate the 25 by gathering to honour the revolution and the freedoms it has brought to us today.

In parallel the 25th of March is significant because the Greek Orthodox Church celebrates the Annunciation by archangel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary that she should become the mother of Jesus Christ the Son of God. 25th March is exactly nine months before Christmas!

In Greek the 25th of March is a public holiday and we hope you all have a great day here in Australia.


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