Our Staff

Pedia Greek School is passionate about providing a fun and rewarding environment for all students and gains enormous pleasure in seeing students learn the Greek language and explore the Greek culture. This passion ensures students enjoy coming to Pedia Greek School and walk away with a smile.

Our staff’s experience and passion has allowed Pedia Greek School to leverage their insights to develop a teaching curriculum that makes learning the Greek language engaging and most importantly fun for all students. Pedia Greek School students do not just study from text books but also actively engage in fun and interactive activities designed to make learning the Greek language fun and exciting.

Pedia Greek School Ltd is governed by the Board of Directors and the school is run by the Principal.

Our School Principal is Christos Vatranis. Chris has a strong background and considerable experience in education and has held numerous leadership and teaching roles in Greek Community Language Schools where he specialises in Curriculum Development, staff training and development and the use of new and innovative teaching approaches for the Greek language. Chris has established a strong rapport and bond with our Directors, staff and students and shows tremendous energy and passion.

The Directors of the School are Margaret Kolokithas, Spiro Kolokithas and Georgia Kolokithas.

Margaret Kolokithas is a Director and over the years has built incredibly strong relationships with ESAV and other schools and focusses on ensuring proper governance, controls and all regulatory requirements are in place. Margaret also networks with other schools and organisations to ensure best practices are deployed. Margaret also plays an important role in ensuring all matters regarding curriculum development, safety, funding and accreditation requirements are completed.

Spiro Kolokithas is the Director of Finance and brings considerable commercial acumen and experience to the school. He advises on strategic, financial and technology matters.

Georgia Kolokithas is a Director. Georgia is VIT registered and has experience as a leader in one of Australia’s largest independent schools, developing curriculums and educational programs as well as setting directions for new ideas and teaching methods in classrooms including IT. Georgia is up to date with the latest teaching strategies and leadership strategies which are implemented in schools today.



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