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Welcome to Our School




Pedia Greek School is located in Clayton South offering classes on Monday or Saturday.

Our name Pedia, originates from the Greek word Παιδεία, meaning ‘the teaching and training of the child’, and that is exactly what we are here to do!

Our staff are loving, caring and extremely passionate about teaching the Greek language and culture by integrating modern teaching strategies into the classroom to engage students and make learning Greek fun!

We offer small class sizes to enable individual attention to each student as well as a personalised learning program as we understand that each student learns differently.

Our innovative and modern curriculum includes dance lessons, excursions and incursions, interactive learning and various cultural activities which make Greek School fun and exciting.

Pedia Greek School also specialises in classes for children who are late starters as we believe it is never too late to start learning our wonderful language.

The innovative and modern curriculum run by our school has seen our students  score in the top 20% of the population as per ACER school testing in 2018.

Together we can keep our beautiful Greek language and culture alive.

For all enquiries please contact us  or  call Pedia Greek School on 03 9028 2088 or 0456 114 829 or  you can enrol online.

We look forward to welcoming you to our wonderful school. 



Key Dates

  • Monday  4th February - Term 1 starts for Monday students & new enrolments welcome
  • Saturday 9th February - Term 1 starts for Saturday students & new enrolments welcome
  • Sunday 24th Match - Greek Independence Day march


Greek School 2019 start

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