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The safety and welfare of students is the number one priority at Pedia Greek School. We have numerous policies and procedures to ensure Greek School is fun and safe for our students. An important part of this is the School of Conduct which applies to all staff, parents and volunteers.

The School Code of Code is mandatory for everyone and is handed out during the enrolment process along with our student handbook. The Code of Conduct and School Disciplinary procedures can be downloaded from here. The document will be reviewed and updated periodically.

Our Child Safety Policies

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We offer classes on Monday or Saturday. Our staff are loving, caring and extremely passionate about teaching the Greek language and culture by integrating modern teaching strategies into the classroom to engage students and make learning Greek fun!


Modern Curriculum, smaller class sizes. Award winning, interactive Greek learning programs. Greek dancing each week.

Code of Conduct

Our priority is to provide a safe, nurturing, caring and very approachable environment for our entire community

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Pedia Greek School prides itself on the quality of its Greek Educational Programme, the professionalism of its award-winning staff, the enthusiasm of its students and the extremely high level of support provided to our community.

We offer a safe, fun and caring environment where students learn and understand all facets of the Greek Language and Culture.