Learning Greek the fun way

Curriculum Activities

At Pedia Greek School all students participate in a comprehensive and innovative and modern curriculum. The Pedia Greek School way of teaching is personalised to the needs of the child and our curriculum encourages students to:

Play students are encourage to play and explore while learning. This allows students to immerse themselves in the Greek language and culture.

E-Learning through the use of technology, video and visual learning students develop a better of understanding the Greek language and culture.

Dance students engage weekly throughout the year in Greek dancing.

Inquire students are encouraged to explore and ask questions about any topic. Our curriculum also focusses on key aspects of the Greek culture such as mythology. Students are encouraged to explore and present the results of their inquiry to parents.

Active Learning students not only participate in reading and writing but also engage in tasks such as market day and excursions where they must speak and communicate in Greek. These activities are fun for students and also significantly enhance their understanding of the Greek language and culture.

The school maintains small class sizes to ensure students receive concentrated and personalised learning and attention.

Along with class based learning, students are also actively encouraged to participate in their own learning through a vast array of educational activities that promotes the Modern Greek Learning and Culture. This ensures our students are positive about their learning and strive to achieve their full potential.

Pedia Greek School proactively works to encourage and support the development of our students . We aim to grow and strengthen the role that Greek culture plays in the daily lives of our students and the local community.

We are committed to providing a happy, secure and stimulating environment in which all students will experience expert teaching and attention appropriate to their age and stage of learning. More importantly we aim to make Greek School fun for our students. Below are some photos of our students learning Greek the fun way:

Pedia Greek School prides itself on the quality of its Greek Educational Programme, the professionalism of its award-winning staff, the enthusiasm of its students and the extremely high level of support provided to our community.

We offer a safe, fun and caring environment where students learn and understand all facets of the Greek Language and Culture.